Maida Vale – Zollkantine Bremen March 28th, 2019

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Maida Vale – Live a Zollkantine Bremen March 28th, 2019

Dave from Heavy Bremen invited for this event and honestly I had no idea what to expect. All I knew about the band before the gig was some rare information found on the internet. As a fan of bands like Spiritualized, Spacemen3 and 13th floor elevators this event was a must see – the psychedelic poster design allready lead to this conclusion.

The music itself sounded promissing enough to be consumed even without drugs and having a trip. And 4 girls in a band isn’t what you get to see every event.

The Swedish four piece MaidaVale delivered a perfect mixture of music and light ending in psychedelic 1 hour trip to the sixties.

For this video I decided to go with the sixties feeling and its limitations, so I went for filming the full gig all with manual 35mm lens and one outdated camera only.  Sound was kindly provided by Zollkantine. Thanks to Andre for the outstanding mix.

If you want the pychedelic experience, check out Maida Vale’s liveshows or listen to and buy their music at

Video: Marco Fleischhut / EmotionVFX

Music: Maida Vale

Sound: Zollkantine Bremen

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